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The Burner and Boiler Sentry system is a state-of-the-art control system for burners, boilers, furnaces, and heaters. Since the system was launched in 2008, it has quickly become the most popular control system in the industry because of its easy operator interface, superior diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities. The system very explicitly instructs the operator on how to operate the system. The Burner Sentry exceeds all safety guidelines and provides safety not found in other competing systems.

Complete Control and Management

This system is a complete simulated boiler control and burner management system that can be operated via the internet (24/7) and acts just like a system installed in the field.

You are able to fully control the system remotely using either a computer, iOS device, or Android device using VNC Client software.

Additionally, this system is available for operator training. Your operators can use the system as a training tool. They can fire the burner, adjust the boiler and burner controls, and simulate tripping the system – just like an operating boiler in your plant.

If you would like to take our system for a test drive, contact our office at 901-755-7070 or use the form below. If you would rather see the system in person, arrangements can be made for a live demonstration.

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